Re: Re: Sometimes Sport Can Lift The Gloom


@dartboy: I dont want to be spoil sport & share your joy & happiness with the nation and all sprt lovers of the world. It is very hear warming to see humanity in action and the very personal moving stories behind e,g Fatima Whitbread, Mo Farah & who can forget the cheeky smiling face of Daley Thompson.

“If only finances were run by decent people our “

Most bodies are run by decent & honest people. Olympic organisors like FIFA have their black sheep not no mention the cheats. Few big differences are The Olympians are performing in front of us and are motivated by winning unlike Bankers who are behind the scences and are motivated by greed. The Olympic body i.e. the regulator etc are not sleeping on the job and not working on nudges & winks.

If an Olympian does something irregular he/she is thrown out & no medels. If a Banker gets caught he is given his golden handshake, pat on the back by the management with comments like bad luck old chap see at the golf course.

The Olympian goes on to lead a normal life. The Banker will take up another lucarative appoitment in the financial world dare I say in the FSA, after all it take a theif to catch a theif while the pay off remains intact.