Re: Re: Someone know something about imlix and wordwidegroup?



I’ve just had a look at their website and as a result I completely agree with Elaine, ‘don’t touch them with a barge-pole’.

Click on their Partner List and they have what looks like an impressive display of partners/agents/developers, but, I’ve never heard of any of them before, stick to agents you know who’ve been recommended.

They boast they ‘have 25 years collective experience’, which is absolute tosh, for instance that could be 50 employees each with 6 months in property sales, so it’s nothing, or 2 people in Ireland who’ve each worked 12.5 years for some dodgy agent like Ocean Estates (now defunct)

They sort of remind me of that Irishman who also had a group dealing in Worldwide properties and who is now being sued by 100’s of ripped-off customers not only for mis-sold properties but also furniture packages that were not delivered. 👿

Steer clear if you value your money and investment. 😉