Re: Re: Some practical advice on moving to Tarifa


@logan wrote:

Along with most of the Spanish coast Tarifa used to be an earthly paradise. I first went there in the early seventies, It was sublime. Then in the early eighties windsurfing came along and started to change the character of the place. It brought in huge amounts of DM’s and young Germans who were ‘dropping out’ to live life on a beach. Crime, greed and drugs took over and it’s been going downhill ever since.
Katy is right with her descriptions of Tarifa now. It’s very, very sad. Yet that for me is the story of modern coastal Spain.

My god Logan, you can even critisise Tarifa! I am currently trying to book a few nights down there in July. It’s great and a nice place to go for a few days to chill out and get away from Marbella which is very busy in July. The hotel I want to stay in only accepts bookings for a minimum of a week in the Summer months, charges €171 per night and is fully booked for the days I want to go. Seems I am not alone in thinking the place is good.
Obviously it’s different from 40 years ago and if you want a compeltely unspoilt piece of coast with hardly any road access and no hotels at all then Tarifa is not the place to go but to say it has been taken over by crime, greed and drugs is just plainly inacurate and you should not post such things. As for implying the entire coast of Spain is the same that is also very inacurate.