Re: Re: Some observations from recent trip to Costa Del Sol


I think perceptions and views change over time Chris, IMO it will be better for Spain not to be a proverbial hot spot for property but more of a lifestyle choice if that’s what people want. I preferred this visit because there was less ‘in your face’ advertising by agents and developers, no more Ehm Agh Eye boards, less people around so less bling even on the Golden Mile.

Because of other priorities now, I prefer not to buy in Spain or anywhere abroad, maybe a lottery win would see me invest in either the South of France or San Diego my favourite City and area anywhere.

Our experience of Malaga airport was identical to our last a few months ago re queues to leave unfortunately, maybe bad luck, but needs addressing, and both were late evening flights out. Even my wit couldn’t force a smile out of the lucky employed Spanish passport checker out, I thought ‘get a life, eat more Pil Pil’ 😆 We are Spain’s bread and butter visitors, I might sack him next time he doesn’t smile 8)

Whilst the weather is great in Spain, due to a cold I had, playing golf at Lauro was a bit tough and hot, but will be back playing in UK tomorrow. I used to sit in the sun a lot but now prefer to see it from the shade with a G. and T. in my hand, or cold glass of vino blanco 😀 Still prefer Summer days in the UK though 😉