Re: Re: Some observations from recent trip to Costa Del Sol

Chris M

@angie wrote:

Just returned from Malaga

Wondered where you had got to!

I think the most noticeable was far less ‘Se Vende’ signs displayed, does this mean they’ve sold or is it that people have taken properties off the market?

This is interesting, because when people read the forum you would think that everything was up for sale. It isn’t, far from it, in my view we have a chronic shortage of supply of the right properties at the right price. As folk just realise it is not their time to sell, so they won’t and don’t.

Played twilight golf at Lauro, 40 euros, still far too expensive, can play twilight at numerous UK courses for £12-£15. When will they learn?

Yep that is stupid alright, golf courses never learn though, but I was invited to play Cabopino last week at €15 a round, now OK not the best course on the coast but the price was right! I still can’t see why €30 wouldn’t be a standard fee and then see what it brings.

Malaga airport, good to look at and easy to arrive at, but getting away is dreadful. Long hot (no air conditioning) queues to get to gate via Security

I think you were unlucky there on departure, I fly in and out 20 -30 times a year and mostly it is just great the new airport but the queues down the ramp are down to the carriers I think, best to book an aisle seat and just wait for the last call and chill out airside.

All in all though, I was glad not to own property there anymore and despite UK problems, quite pleased to be back to UK despite the rain, now if there was some way of merging the two country’s plus points and weather Ole! Ole!

Ever the conundrum that is, my kids will be all done with school this summer and I can’t make up my mind now, do we become resident here again, or stay in the UK? This place has been on its knees for a good six years now Angie, and you come back and see some good stuff still, it ain’t all bad, and crushing recession and desperate economic considerations in UK and the rest of Europe aside, it has always had something that brings everyone here still.

Nice that you see the good and the bad. I first came in 1989 post a boom and right into dire times, but… I had a brilliant time for the next 20 years. For some, it is the best of times and others the worst of times. Just depends on the individual.