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Don’t be put off by the price tag of £45,708 for these properties, which are still over priced as far as I am concerned. By the time Spain enters the crash and burn phase of its long demise when it finally drops out of the Euro these properties will be on sale for just £20,000.

Don’t you think that your £20,000 target might be becoming a bit of an obsession?

I mean what happens if you see a property you really like and the seller won’t accept less than £25,000?

I am only prepared to pay £20,000 for a property in Spain, that is a three bedroom house on the Spanish mainland or a two bedroom apartment in the Canary islands. When buying property it is best to set yourself a target price that you think is reasonable for the type of property that you are interested in and stick to that target price regardless of any sentimental attachment to a particular property that may be just beyond that target price. Given the state of Spain’s economic woes I think a target price of £5,000 for a property is more appropriate.