Re: Re: solar panels etc


@angie wrote:

, you need air conditioning on in Spain which must equate to heating costs in northern europe..

No, you don’t – depending on the property design/construction. I have owned well-built properties in Morocco that don’t either (thick walls, tiles, adobe type construction with correct airflow). You probably DO if you live in a thin-walled, non-traditional type apartment… it is down to design and construction. My current house in Morocco has no A/C but is warm in winter, cool in summer, because it is built properly. It is well insulated, in a nutshell. If you have that, then A/C (which is hugely expensive in energy costs) is not required. Traditional houses in Morocco have never had A/C. They simply don’t need it.

My house in Spain (old reformed cortijo) also has no A/C (and does not need it, also).