Re: Re: So.. is it just Spain?


Katy: You are right to say that the ‘boiler room scams’ are mostly run from Spain but those are companies offering stock market based ‘investments.

The land sale scams are however, a mostly UK based operation, google land sales scams & you will see the actions that the authorities are taking such as applying to the High Court to close down the various Uk based companies involved & taking action against the directors.

I’ve seen comments in my local press (in Surrey) from people who have ‘invested in these schemes who still say that it’s a good deal because they were told that it could take up to 10 years for planning permission to be granted & that time hasn’t run out yet. Despite all the publicity here & there is alot, people still think they can make money.

Just as in Spain, clever salesmen sell themselves get people to trust them to the point that facts are ignored.

On this particular ‘scam’ one fact above all others should be shouted very loud: Not one of these land sales has EVER got planning permission, that alone should put people off but it doesn’t.

Greed seems to trump everything!