Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?

Chris M

@dartboy wrote:

Or now spain has a new goverment who won’t want to take the blame for the state of the spainish economy we might find out exactley how good the spainish economy is, maybe they will force the banks to own up to what is really on their books and to weather they are still solvant or not.lets wait and see if borrowing goes over the magic 7%.How you can say the euro is deffinatley here to stay is beyond me as no-one nows just yet what is going to happen.

Well I don’t think the Tories wanted to take the blame for Labour so why should the PP be any different after 7-8 years of the PSOE? As to the opening up of the books, well I think if we all know what is in there, then likely everyone else does also no?

As to the borrowing over 7% I don’t know, it is a figure that everyone jumps on, but will the world and the Euro fall apart if it goes over? I don’t think so, take a look at Greece’s borrowing figure.

As to the Euro, we all can only go on probability or not, and the resulting alternatives.

What are you still in either the Euro will be replaced by returning to 17 sovereign currencies camp or the Two Tier Euro camp, Dartboy?

You really think either of those is likely to replace the single Euro at this stage or in the foreseeable future?

C’mon, the Euro is here to stay, it is not going anywhere, in fact, with the PIIGS all have coming to their predicted crisis, if they make the cuts – like it looks they accept and now know they have to – then like Iceland, Ireland and I think Portugal, they will begin their recovery right now.