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Here is W. Buffett’s latest statement on Europe.
“There is a major flaw in the euro system … I do know the system as presently designed has a major flaw and that flaw won’t be corrected just by words,”

Well, not really something that earth shattering or highly illuminating a quote is it really?

He normally comes out with something better than the blatantly obvious, the old Buff must be slipping…

Cameron is talking today about a chill over the European economy, and how all the negative comment and talk just basically isn’t doing anyone any favours really. In fact it is mostly just a lot of rot.

Which was my original point.

Talk of the demise of the Euro is really nonsense, it is not going to happen.

We have three new governments within three weeks, all now committing to massive cuts which were absolutely necessary, and lo, the whole PIIGS issue that this forum has been waiting for several years (quite legitimately I would agree) will mostly fade back into the corners, and next year, finally we start to get some better news for the whole world economy.

This looks like the start of the end of the crisis to me, and the true beginnings of recovery – everybody woke up and finally realised there was no easy way out really.

And the Euro is – here to stay, and the UK can join in what… 10 – 15 years time, when we wake up to what the reality of our isolationism and self determination has become.

(Of course before all of that happens, the next thing the Press and the 24 Hour News channels are going to bombard and terrify us with is the failure of agreement on they US debt.,

Mmm…. what is it they trully owe again — $15 trillion? So now we got to suffer all the crap about that now for the next few weeks and our bit of local difficulty will be forgotten about. And who benefits from all this turmoil really?)

Or now spain has a new goverment who won’t want to take the blame for the state of the spainish economy we might find out exactley how good the spainish economy is, maybe they will force the banks to own up to what is really on their books and to weather they are still solvant or not.lets wait and see if borrowing goes over the magic 7%.How you can say the euro is deffinatley here to stay is beyond me as no-one nows just yet what is going to happen.