Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?


Chris M

Word on the bond markets is that Spanish property will need to be devalued by 50% from todays prices at least — the debate at the moment is whether it should be 60% or 70%. Some say more but thats too extreme.
My view is that a 60%-65% devaluation from present levels on Spanish property market values is about right under current conditions.
— Munky

With respect, unless I am missing the point – which happens to me in economy threads I have to admit – the basic question or point of this thread is not about Spanish property prices or values (plenty of threads about that) it is just asking; is the argument about the Euro dying, or being replaced now finally over?

Can we just get on and accept that the currency which is the Euro, which is being used to buy a latte all over Europe is here to stay, and we will not be returning to escudos, lira, drachma, punt or the like.

Isn’t this a fact now?