Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?

Chris M

@Chopera wrote:

To my mind that would be equivalent to a break up of the euro and therefore failure. Even though there’d still be a currency called the “euro” it wouldn’t be the same as the “euro” we have now, which under such circumstances would have disappeared.


Yep, you might be right, that is certainly a way of looking at it if several countries left. But I still say there is huge determination on the part of all the main players to stay in, and a real motion toward a federal US of E eventually.

But if the Greeks are MAD enough to think that with all the help and support they are getting from the Eurozone, that to just go fully wallop and bankrupt themselves, as if this can truly help them, then I could be wrong.

My money though says, that in 5 years time, if we all still on the forum – and I first came on here 5 years ago – then we will still be talking in Euros, we will hopefully then also be talking about Spanish Property Insight into buying, selling, renting, moving, lifestyle, education, health, prices, locations, pensions, employment, businesses, leisure, culture and well all the stuff that goes with that.

And lo, it shall come to pass that the predominance of these (entirely valid and interesting) financial / economic posts and threads will just be a distant memory, as we discuss then also the relative merits of…. Britain’s imminent entry to the Euro… (Joke guys, joke OK).

But seriously those days will come and if the financial crisis can just be declared – over. Then there are a ton of people looking to move once again. And I think the tone of the forum may change again also. I think everyone wants that, we all want a bit of financial stability no?

And on that point, is it me, or are there more guests on the forum a lot these days?

For a long time I would glance down the page and see just me and possibly one other forum member and 0-2 guests, lately, I often see 10-12 guests browsing. Or maybe am losing it and just seeing stuff?