Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?

Chris M

@peterhun wrote:

… and Spain has 1.5 million properties that nobody wants to buy.

Spain does not have 1.5 million properties that nobody wants to buy, that’s a general misconception and a rather snide aside that is very unhelpful in general but is most often used by people like yourself as some spurious and deliberately doom laden fact to continually hype up you own woe is the world and certainly Spain argument.

As is your further comment saying…. game over for the Euro without a doubt… in relation now to one item of news this morning, it is just yet more scaremongering. You just can’t stop yourself can you really.

I don’t understand people like you Peterhun I really don’t.

But then having watched ‘Attack of the Trip Advisors’ on TV last night, well actually maybe I do. Or maybe you were in the Peoples Popular Front of Judea, or was that…?