Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?


Chris M

@chopera wrote:

Errrm but you haven’t provided a reasoned argument for why you think the euro is here to stay. You started this thread by stating “Can we all agree on that – love it or hate it – financial crisis continuing – the Euro is plain and simple here to stay?” but you refuse to say why that should be the case.

My reasoning is based upon hearing people talk on here of the ‘imminent’ demise of the Euro over the past several years, and this not only not happening, but the talk of such an event amongst the politicians, the press and the banks all seems now to dismiss that possibility almost entirely.

It just isn’t going to happen that the Euro will go and we will return to the various individual currencies. It is just not going to happen. It suits the argument of some individuals on here to continually scaremonger that the Euro will fail, I listened for a while, but I believe that on the wider evidence I think we can discount the possibility.

As for Peterhun’s link to the George Soros piece, it is a good piece, it is an interesting piece, but it doesn’t say the Euro as a currency is not going to survive. We can all see that the various issues of Greek default, and general economic stability in the Eurozone are far from resolved, but nobody is talking in realistic terms that the Euro will actually cease to exist and we return to the individual currencies.

Fine, keep talking the situation regarding the wider issues, but I believe we should not being advising people that the Euro will not exist at some point in the next few years, in fact it is more likely to grow stronger once these issues have been resolved.

That is my only point. The Euro has survived and will survive long into the future.