Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?


Chris M

No it’s even more likely the Euro will fail.

Oh, of course silly me, so… The eternal doomonger response has it then.

No reasoned argument, just the simple expostulation… The Euro will fail.

The Germans seem very keen on the idea no matter the cost.

Do they, do they indeed? Well I suppose that’s that then, how stupid of me.

Or are you missing the point entirely? Thus reducing the validity of your many previous and future posts considerably.

Whereas, if you just accepted that your rather extreme view that the Euro was / is a goner no longer holds water. Then maybe we could get back to discussing the relative issues of Spanish property without this rather false and misguided attempt to always allude to an Elephant in the Room because that simply isn’t accurate today.

The Euro is very evidently here to stay, I think you need to get past that or give me a far better argument than just – it will fail.

My purpose here by the way is of genuine interest.

One way or another, this blooming forum had me believing for awhile, that maybe some of you were right, that jeeze the currency could actually fall apart – you had me going – you really did.

But c’mon, it is not credible to talk of the currency doing anything other than remaining now. Actually the real debate would truly be whether Sterling will join the Euro in Katy’s lifetime.