Re: Re: So… Are we all agreed that the Euro is here to stay?


‘There seems to be some chaos and confusion surrounding the Euro and the future of the Eurozone’ says the article, an understatement for sure. The same as I’d posted earlier as ‘mayhem’. Too many tongues, too many cooks or (crooks), no cohesion whatsoever.

Have just seen Roger Bootle of Capital Economics say he thinks the Eurozone will break up. It will be interesting to see whether the economist/s like him are right, or whether Chris is right 🙄

At this stage, I don’t think anyone truly knows, but I think some members will leave or be kicked out, and Spain’s borrowing costs continue to rise today.

Chris, hedge your bets, sell half your Euro assets if you’re overexposed:!:

Spain does not look like a safe bet IMO, anymore than half a dozen or so other Eurozone countries, and doesn’t their 50% relief on SD tax on buying property end in December thereby shooting them in their property foot again?