Re: Re: Should you use Lawyer or Gestoria when selling ?


Actually salesca several international banks with branches in the UK and abroad do permit free international money transfers if you open a Premier Account, they don’t charge a cent or penny. Now to open such an account is not too onerous since the criteria often depends on either/ors, such as your salary over a certain amount, or with some they just require you to have for example 50k in the account to qualify for free banking (not even a monthly charge). Now with many property transactions the 50k is not a problem even on a temporary basis since you may be required to deposit at least that amount to purchase a property, or have it in funds on disposal of property, you could always close the account afterwards or revert to standard account.

We made several free transfers some years back between UK and France with our bank, branches were in both countries.

In Spain we had the dodgy Solbank trying it on and indeed our funds took a while longer in Madrid, most extortionate Solbank charges we challenged each time and they were repaid, problem was then our UK bank had no branches in Spain, but Barclays does, Lloyds are part of Banco Sabadell so should work, open a Pem. account 😉