Re: Re: Should you use Lawyer or Gestoria when selling ?


Agree Fuengi. That’s what we did. We spoke to the UK bank before and also negotiated to get a good rate of exchange. We were given a liaison person on direct line for queries. Did take a long time and was a bit nail-biting as at the time the Spanish banks were in big trouble. I think it took about 6 weeks and at one point contacted the Spanish banks. The hold up was in Getafe, Madrid. The Central clearing bank for foreign transactions…outrageous!

We were forewarned. Some years ago my Daughter sold a Spanish property. She was living in Holland at the time. She transferred the money from Solbank to her Dutch bank. (no internet transactions then!). When she got the statements she was amazed to find Solbank had charged over €20,000 in transaction fees 😯 This was a transaction between two Eurozone countries and supposedly illegal. She did get most of it refunded after a lot of hassle but was still a few thousand out of pocket.