Re: Re: Should we be buying in Spain in 2011?

Chris M

@brianc_li wrote:

Logan’s advice is sound.
Take your time.
Follow the market.
Be sceptical about what people, particularly those with vested interests, try telling you.

Logans advice is not sound, it is as flawed and as limited as his narrow view of economic macros and takes no account of what you are looking for… knowledge / inside track on the bottom of the market, others believe it is here, but if it is that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to last a while, but this forum will be far behind the upturn if you listen to Logan methinks, because by the time he sees it, it will have happened a year before.

Nobody’s advice on here is sound, and of course that includes mine.

But the rest of Brianc_li’s advice is as solid as it get, however with regard to the last point, Logan very much it seems has vested interests also, you’d have to wonder why he is even bothered with this forum really.