Re: Re: Should we be buying in Spain in 2011?


Thanks Logan for your detailed reply. I didnt want to pre-empt the tone of any replies, so kept my thoughts to myself. Your thoughts and explanations are exactly in line with mine and therefore my option of maybe actually buying there is diminishing quickly day by day.

Certainly as we cant live there full time yet anyway it is silly to buy. We can rent a townhouse in Torrox for under 200 euros a week for holidays. There’s also a lovely hotel there too that is doing b and b for 2 at £35 per night now too!

When it becomes possible to live there then we can review the situation. However, regardless of the economic situation then, I think the arguments for renting versus buying are very strong anyway.

A few questions please….

Can anyone tell me what’s the rental world like in Spain, particularly east of Malaga, presently?

Is it easy, or hard, to find somewhere?

What’s security of tenure like for tenants in general? I hear that landlords want you out after 12 months because of the rights you gain by staying longer than that etc. Is this right? Certainly prices seem very keen when I look, and this usually reflects oversupply.

Once again, thanks in anticipation.