Re: Re: Should we be buying in Spain in 2011?


Thanks Angie and everyone else here.

A firm picture is forming now – and it is illustrating to me that it would be stupid to buy. I think that when the time does come where we can spend more time in Spain (we arent sure that we want to live there all the time), we could afford to rent something at say 400 euros pcm (equivalent to todays rates) and keep a place back home too.

That way we would be enjoying Spain, on our terms, for say 182 days per year, not having to get embroiled in buying property and currency fluctuations/economic issues/tax in Spain, and we could pop back to the UK for half of the year – at different times. OK we would have a rented unit empty for 6 months in Spain in total – but at it all works out in my eyes as being worth it for being a convenient non-committted way to enjoying Spain and the UK (which still has a lot of positives going for it!).

If we spent 26 weeks in total in Spain and left the unit empty for 26 weeks, the rental would work out at 185 euros for each week we spent there – or £22 per day!

We could then have our finger on the pulse in Spain for when a perfect opportunity MAY arise to grab a bargain based on a hardball price and hopefully stronger pound.

Can anyone spot flaws in that type of plan?