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I always have the greatest respect for your posts but I cannot believe that you are asking this question at this moment in time nor that you are undecided on the matter.

I know its almost impossible to understand, but apparently, the Germans, for instance genuinely believe that the Euro is still a good idea. To the British and the rest of the world, I think, the idea of joining the Euro now or ever in its current form is ridiculous.

Having just found out the Germans deliberately blew the UK out of the ERM I find the idea fundamentally impossible because they are obviously all stark raving mad.

Word on the bond desk is that the big players (ie China) have given up on Eurozone in the short term without the Germans doing something radical. Its certain now that they wont provide more support for the Euro than they already have.

It was reported in the Telegraph last week, Asia is dropping the Euro-zone completely.

Talking about ‘stark raving mad’, Farage, Redwood and Hague are the best examples I can think of, in respect of this short discussion. They even look it, but that’s an unkind remark.

Your post implies a hatred for Germany, replicated throughout UKIP and the like. Historically, it’s understandable, but the world has moved on from the events of a hundred years ago.

They lynched the last black man in Georgia in 1956, but the most powerful country in the world now has a black president.

Perhaps it’s time for the rest of us to move on too. The Poles and the Serbians are on side, and the Finns and Greeks, it’s time to step out of the trenches, son, and face the new world.