Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


I’ve never felt quite so pessimistic about the future as I do now for Europe, the UK and World economies. It’s all got far too messy, confused, an air of inevitability about it, an end game perhaps!

No-one seems able to lead or come up with coherent ideas and strategy.

The UK’s outlook is now far worse than thought, Osborne has not instilled any confidence it seems, some of the new measures will further fuel unrest in the UK, and generally the majority are going to find it hard to make ends meet.

Civil unrest is growing worldwide.

I say all of us on here head off to our own tropical island, I’m happy to be Prime Minister, and we will fish every day, pick fruits, raise a few pigs and chickens, plant seeds and play reggae and salsa music all day whilst discussing how the not so civilised western world went bankrupt and started fighting with themselves:roll:

Ok, maybe not! 😥