Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?



@katy wrote:

They are the kind of questions asked during the Franco era, don’t think the British public would fall for something as devious. All this talk that the UK would suffer being outside Europe is a big con. Where is the proof that exports would suffer? Much of the UK exports are in technology, medicines that would still be needed and orders would not dry up. Don’t forget there are still world trade agreements! It may be difficult for some stuck in Spain to realise but there is a large part of the world outside Europe. If being in the EU is sooo good why are countries like Greece and Spain in such a mess ❓

The figures that the UK exports 40% or 50% (depending on which newspapers you read) is absolute tosh!

Spain, in the current sense as we know it is toast.

Word on the bond desk is that the big players (ie China) have given up on Eurozone in the short term without the Germans doing something radical. Its certain now that they wont provide more support for the Euro than they already have.

It doesn’t matter about the new Govt voted in on Sunday.

Prepare for a major correction in the EU (incl house prices) over 2012 from the looming Spanish banking and Sovereign crisis thats about to begin.

If you are holding for the short term and not renting or not holding for the long term, then I’m sorry you are in real trouble now and have missed all available exit points given to you.

Prepare for a life changing experience if you’re a leveraged speculator.

— Munky