Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


Chris M

@zoro wrote:

Personally, I always wanted Britain to be in the Euro for selfish reasons i.e. holidays, foreign purchases etc. but I now see how wrong I was. The Euro is fundamentally flawed, which wasn’t a problem in the boom years but is a waking nightmare now. The Euro can only work long term if fiscal and political union in Europe becomes a reality. I see no way of that happening at this time.

Yep, it is obviously a waking nightmare right now.

The BBC links were very helpful and interesting tat each of the blog posts had over 450 comments, so we are obviously not the only ones debating this, and you make some other excellent observations as usual.

But it seems the conclusion is… it is all down to Germany now.

I just feel that we missed the boat somehow, we could have been Germany’s best buddy really.

I am sad is what it is that we are so isolationist, and even more so that as you pointed out about the trade unions as an example that, really… we are not a United Kingdom are we?

We are obviously not going to join the Eurozone, but if we looked outward and forward, we might be better off doing so.

Eeeeh… I am in Spain this weekend, you know what, am going to go play some golf, with an American, a German, and an Irishman, and forget all of this for awhile!