Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


@peterhun wrote:

Having one currency was good for business even if it was so fundamentally flawed in implementation

I agree a single currency might be good for business but that’s just where it ends. The costs that comes with it is in my opinion too great.
These consequences of a currency union for the peripheral states was not thought out properly and as a result has been catastrophic for their economies. Many economist pointed that out at the time and the UK, Sweden and Denmark were the only countries who could foresee that.
Now the EU are proposing further measures to try and shore the up the disaster, such as fiscal union and a single European treasury with an unelected finance ministry, alongside an unelected foreign minister and president. Harmonised tax rates with a massive tax gathering machine.
Being unelected by the people suits the EU. After all Italy and Greece now have unelected prime ministers.
Where is this all heading? The consequences for a future democratic Europe are profound.
I am not scaremongering here because the evidence is clear to anyone who bothers to look beyond the political rhetoric. Europe is moving ever closer to being an unaccountable, undemocratic, unrepresentative monster.