Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


Alex Salmond is first and foremost a Scottish Nationalist. It’s not just his parties name, it’s their entire philosophy. He is a 100% separatist from the United Kingdom. His desire to join the European Union as a separate nation is very odd and transparently stupid.
Why achieve national sovereignty for Scotland after a millennium of struggle simply to hand it back on a plate to Brussels?
It’s completely daft, won’t happen and is simply a large spoon on which to stir up nationalist clap trap.

After the failed Bund auction yesterday, Merkle, Sarkozy and Monti are having yet another meeting today. Barrosso has come out in support for Eurobonds. There seems to be an unstoppable momentum now towards pushing Germany into a corner and forcing them to agree to allow the ECB to fund sovereign debt in the Eurozone.

This is how the EU conducts business, constant wrangling, meetings which never achieve anything and position posturing. There is little wonder the world has now lost patience with it all.

The UK in the Euro is as likely in yours and my lifetime as pink elephants flying over Westminster bridge. 🙂