Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


@kgpoc wrote:

Rocker I completely agree with your first assessment (it is above my pay grade to decide)! I respect every ones opinions on this, here is some food for thought.

-UK business has been structured and managed over the last 15 years with the idea they are part of the biggest economy in the world. Now how fast do you think a UK company could unwind itself (under current UK laws and or how long to learn and write new laws) to get over the new unknown hurdles to compete back in the EU in direct competition with the global companies, suspecting that the EU might just feel a little spurned?

-The EU in its base form is a treaty written by men deciding that being part of a bigger pie brings greater value to more than a smaller pie. If there is inequality it is mainly due to a human negotiating error, but will be perceived as an ideology failure. A successful vote to pull out will in effect defunct the ideal of the UK. Separate Scotland, England, N Ireland and Wales.

-With the separation in mind, go and see the type of quality leadership that believes in that cause. Are they visionaries? Are they capable leader?

To specifically reply about separation and Scotland in particular, Alex Salmond is the most (educationally) qualified leader of them all, with a joint honours MA in economics and history from St Andrews.

He wants Scotland to join the Eurozone, after independence, which seems unstoppable.

I’m not sure about UK business being somehow isolated from the rest of Europe, a lot of the bigger companies are already owned and run by ‘foreigners’, especially from Spain, and I’m not just talking about Santander.

The small core of toothless eurosceptics are vocal in the Conservative party, but have little influence in the world of business which regards them as a nuisance holding back growth.