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@Rocker wrote:

After this morning’s news it all seems academic. Cameron followed his instincts and the UK is pretty well out of Europe now. The 17 plus 7 countries will carry on without us. There is no longer a need for a referendum, we are technically out of Europe. We will not even be invited to their monthly meetings.

Is it a time to rejoice? Time alone will tell.

No, NOTHING was agreed at the summit. The UK blocked it unless its economy was protected from looting by the EU.

The EU therefore has no treaty changes, no enforcement of financial rules. Nothing. The Euro-17 are in exactly the same place as they were before the meeting.

Europe’s disastrous summit

Dec 9, 2011 00:56 EST

I thought disasters were all meant to happen over the weekend? Somehow, in Brussels, EU leaders have contrived to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory on Thursday night, leaving Friday for finger-pointing and recriminations and wondering whether anybody who signed on to this deal has any chance at all of even getting re-elected, let alone being remembered as one of the leaders who saved the euro.

It all adds up to one of the most disastrous summits imaginable. A continent which has risen to multiple occasions over the past 66 years has, in 2011, decided to implode in a spectacle of pathetic ignominy. Its individual countries will survive, of course, albeit in unnecessarily straitened circumstances. But the dream of European unity is dissolving in real time, as the eyes of the world look on in disbelief.

Countries who are not part, undecided or required to have a referendum to join the fiscal ‘agreement’

Czech Republic

Thats within 24 hours.