Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?



@Rocker wrote:

There is one simple solution. The large UK economy should join with Germany, France and the others to show European solidarity to the world. The markets would soon turn their attention elsewhere and allow the Med countries to catch up.

Nice idea and what the UK, USA, China and the rest of the world have been telling, demanding of Germany. Germany has refused point blank. There is no solidarity behind the Euro, there is no lender of last resort and there doesn’t look like there ever will be.

@Rocker wrote:

It’s not Merkel who holds the key to a world recovery, it’s Cameron (and Clegg, if you believe in fairies).

Don’t know why you think the UK could help, the moment it joined the Euro its would go bust. Its level of debts are way beyond anything in the Eurozone.