Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


@DBMarcos99 wrote:

A commentator here stating that Dave may in fact have harmed the City by these actions, as they will now be cut out of European financial transactions. Not my opinion (I don’t know enough about the way these things work), but I hope Dave knows what he’s doing!

Yes this has been reported a few times. I have no idea whether what happened came about due to a diplomatic cock.up or some pre-planned strategy. However I believe that the UK has been destined to grow apart from the rest of the EU since the euro opt-out in the Maastricht treaty. It was only a matter of time before the euro would force it’s members into fiscal union, at which point the UKs separation would become more apparent. In the end the catalyst has been the financial transaction tax, but if it hadn’t been that it would have been something else. The UK had to draw the line somewhere and let the others push on into the valley of depression.