Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


@Rocker wrote:

I’ve just patiently listened to the latest news and it’s quite clear that 26 of the 27 EU members have agreed to pursue a joint course to consolidate the Euro. The UK is not involved. We will no longer be involved in any future moves concerning European affairs.

Technically, we are out of Europe, there is no other way to look at it. Our veto has been vetoed. The 26 members of the EU will make decisions which concern the UK, but we will not be at the table, and there will be nothing we can do about it.

(I watched an interview with a prominent US official when he was asked about the ‘special’ relationship. He laughed.)

No the whole point of having/using the veto was that the EU cannot take decisions that affect the UK without consulting the UK.

Of course the other countries can make new agreements between themselves – but not new agreements that affect the UK unless there is a renegociation of existing treaties.

What the other countries are now going to agree on (or at least attempt to agree on) is an arrangement whereby their budgets need to be passed by a central body before they can be implemented. So if they do ever get as far as doing this then there will no longer be any other countries at the table anyway, just one big federation.

Just as the “Europeans” are now finding out that you can’t have monetary union without fiscal union, they will soon find out that you can’t have fiscal union without political union.