Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?


@Rocker wrote:

After this morning’s news it all seems academic. Cameron followed his instincts and the UK is pretty well out of Europe now. The 17 plus 7 countries will carry on without us. There is no longer a need for a referendum, we are technically out of Europe. We will not even be invited to their monthly meetings.

Is it a time to rejoice? Time alone will tell.

Nope last time I checked the UK was still part of Europe 🙄

In fact the UK is still part of the European Union as well.

There will probably be a group within the EU who will hold their own “meetings”, but since all these “meetings” are preceeded by a Franco-German get together where they establish a position that is mutually beneficial to them so they can then use their collective weight to force the rest to agree to their terms, they are not necessarily “meetings” that you’d want to be part of.