Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?



@peterhun wrote:

It died when they joined the EU, not the Euro.

I don’t agree Peter. The original European concept did not involve loss of sovereignty or control of the economic levers of power. It was originally just simply a trading block between sovereign nations and should have remained so.
The gradual slide into the creation of a super state then began with more and more power being conceded to Brussels.
Politicians made agreements and treaties with the excuse that the single market would or could not work without this particular concession or that particular agreement. Few questioned that thinking, nobody wanted to rock the boat.
It has become a drip, drip effect that the European electorate has had no real participation in.
Until finally the creation of the Eurozone and single currency where members surrendered any last bit of national independence they had left.

Had they at the time of the Euro creation been able to force through full blown fiscal union they would.

The truth is the ‘European Project’ as they so often like to call it is the slow creation of a super state with Germany dominating at the top and calling the shots. Even Sarkozy seems to have fallen into line now because of his impending election and the need to appear co-operative with Germany.

This domination has been made even more transparent during this financial crisis. No consultation with any meaning between other nations, just Merkozy telling the other states what to do or else.
Sarkozy even tried it with David Cameron recently, such was his frustration and inability to push Britain around.

When the history of the European single super state comes to be written, historians will wonder how on earth sovereign nations with a proud independent history ever hoodwinked their people into joining and participating in it.

That is if it does not impload before hand which seems very likely and as far as I am concerned it cannot come soon enough.