Re: Re: Should the UK join the Eurozone?



@Rocker wrote:

Your post implies a hatred for Germany, replicated throughout UKIP and the like. Historically, it’s understandable, but the world has moved on from the events of a hundred years ago.

They lynched the last black man in Georgia in 1956, but the most powerful country in the world now has a black president.

Perhaps it’s time for the rest of us to move on too.

I’m a fan of the Euro and I want the UK and Poland join it. Poland has a very large part of its infrastructure embedded from Germany so I would be keen on fiscal union between Poland and Germany. I cannot stand the UKIP.

But I stand by my comments about Germany, they are insane in that they have no connection with the reality that the Eurozone is on the point of collapse.

Even the Germans believe that a large number of countries will be leaving the Eurozone, so any talk about new members is ridiculous.

The Poles and the Serbians are on side, and the Finns and Greeks, it’s time to step out of the trenches, son, and face the new world.

That new world has spectacularly failed. Six countries bailed out by the IMF; really impressive.

The Poles will only join the Euro when the Eurozone qualifies as being suitable for Poland. As it stands the Euro will not be ready for Polands entry for five years at least, according to the Polish FM.

The Finns and Greeks will probably leave the Euro and Serbia isn’t even going to be eligible for EU entry.