Re: Re: Should Rajoy get a move on and get Spain out of the Euro



Please look at stats……the average Spaniard is uninformed they are one of the LOWEST newspaper readers and internet users.

Stats can often be twisted to prove what you’re after. I’ve noticed for example, that it’s far more common in Spanish cities to have daily newspapers available in cafe-bars than in their British equivalent.
Incidentally it is NOT true that the Spanish are one of the LOWEST internet users (see following link). In European terms they are currently 5th in terms of hours spent on the net, ahead of countries like Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland. Britain incidentally is top, but I don’t think it indicates being better informed either. Surely people spend most of their time on Facebook (or Tuenti), not the Guardian or El Pais sites? Indeed the article makes a point that time spent on the internet doesn’t always show the relative number of pages visited – again does this matter, if it’s all on Facebook?