Re: Re: Should Rajoy get a move on and get Spain out of the Euro



@mark wrote:

Spain is one of the most pro-EU countries in Europe. Being “European” means a lot to Spaniards: It gets them away from their haunted past. There is almost no debate here about whether to stay in the Eurozone or not. I can’t remember what level of public support the polls show for the Euro, but I bet you it’s high. It would be a rude shock if we left. Politicians will do what they can to keep us in.

It doesn’t really matter what people think (although you can be sure that quite a few are now changing their mind). Remember they voted for Rajoy to take whatever steps are needed to sort out the jobs and debt situation.

If you think it’s inevitable that countries like Greece and Portugal leave the Euro-zone (and I think it is) then at a stroke Spain will lose millions of tourists as they will be 20-30% cheaper through devaluation. Normally Spain could fight against this, but at the heart of this crisis??? Can Spain cope with another million or two losing their job?

Rajoy can either choose to do it now (and have the advantage of being the instigator), or be forced into it a couple of months later, and further disaster for the economy.

Believe it or not I’d like to see Spain stay in the Euro, but not at the cost of all these unemployed. Keeping German car companies profitable is not worth all this pain. Enough is enough.