Re: Re: Should Rajoy get a move on and get Spain out of the Euro



The average Spaniard knows little about the EU except that Spain prospered when they joined.

The sales of newspapers is one of the lowest in Europe, as is internet usage.

If they get as far as reading a newspaper there is never any informative or negative press about the EU.

Really? I’ve read plenty in El Pais, Publico and other newspapers. And I’ve seen plenty of good reports on TVE.

You are so bitter about Spain that you constantly spew gross generalizations – why don’t you leave? I’m sure that you and the Spaniards with whom you interact will be much happier.

An average Spaniard prefers to be ignorant or as I observed thay are quite comfortable in being oblivious

An ‘average Spaniard’ ? My my.

@Mark: The highly educated Spaniards that I know are very informed about this and yes, they fully support the EU. It is the same for the people I know in the ‘agricultural class’ (my in-laws). In both cases, I think the concept of the EU appeals to their senses of the ‘collective good’, which is, sadly, a very foreign concept here in the US.