Re: Re: Should Rajoy get a move on and get Spain out of the Euro


Sr Rajoy really better have a contingency plan that allows Spain to ease out of the Euro. Even if it’s unwanted, better to have a fall-back position (notes ready for circulation, computer systems primed for changeover at atms etc) than to be caught totally unawares…

Grupo Gowex (GOW), a Spanish provider of Wi-Fi wireless services, is moving funds to Germany because it expects Spain to exit the euro. German machinery maker GEA Group AG is setting maximum amounts held at any one bank.

“I don’t trust Spain will remain in the euro zone,” said Jenaro Garcia, founder and chief executive officer of Madrid- based Grupo Gowex, which provides Wi-Fi access in 15 countries. “We moved our cash and deposits to Germany because Spain will come back to the peseta.”