Re: Re: Should Rajoy get a move on and get Spain out of the Euro



The ‘old-English’ belief that Spain is somehow inferior to the UK dates back for so long, and is so wrong. Of course you can find illiteracy in some backward Andalucian villages where some expats chose to flaunt their wealth, but to use their knowledge of those places to talk about Spain in general is ridiculous.

If you compare Madrid to London you will find that it’s no different, and no different to Rome or Paris.

Rajoy is a Conservative, but the PP is vastly different to the Tories in one respect, especially; they are pro-European and forward-looking instead of trying to preserve the thoughts of Empire in a world that has moved on.

I don’t know what will be decided on the Ninth, but Rajoy will not be going against the Spanish wishes to stay in the EU and the Eurozone.