Re: Re: Should Rajoy get a move on and get Spain out of the Euro


I don’t know what financial contribution Spain makes to the Eurozone compared to what it receives so if anyone knows this it would be interesting 🙄

However, IMO, Spain has benefitted enormously with infrastructure improvements, you only have to look at it’s super new roads, we drove on these to avoid Madrid when driving from France to Malaga and they were superb. Not only smooth and without potholes (brand new), but virtually traffic free, an anomaly really, the best roads but without traffic! Apparently the UK has contributed loads of money to Spanish roads through it’s payments to the Eurozone, but the UK’s roads are now some of the worst in Europe. It’s only in towns like Ubeda that the roads were poor.

So, I would expect Spain not to want to leave the gravy or gaspacho train, mind you if it did, it could devalue, and possibly revamp their tourist and property industries 😆