Re: Re: Should I wait to sell?


Whilst I suspect this poster is simply using this forum to market a property without cost either for rent or sale I will give him some advice which he claims to seek.
The property is ridiculously overpriced. Its worth about half that in today’s market. I think it unlikely in the coming five years anything will change to alter that situation. Its not even a very interesting house worth a premium that could extend it’s value.
If the poster claims to be renting it well and if that is true why would he offer it for sale knowing full well it will not attract any serious market interest?
If this is genuine then he should continue to obtain an income from the renting value as the most desirable financial option. Selling anything in the current market will sustain a huge loss. Leaving it on the market now will only serve to attract those buyers who believe it is a distressed sale and offer a wholesale price.