Re: Re: Should I Shouldn’t I?



Banks – because its a false expectation they put out. They say the price is ‘good’ and you will get 100% finance (I am reliably informed this is a special dispensation from the bank of Spain allowing this) BUT when you compare what you get and the prices in some ads (usually via estate agents and I qualify this by saying that most agents still around either were good to begin with or have had to improve just by the current market forces) you will see that cheap does not equate to quality. Most state court auctions are fixed by the ring of subasteros and any good genuine deal is snapped up well before it gets onto a banks open books for the public.

Their lists and supposed valuations and prices are still ludicrous as they try to squeeze every penny back for themselves, including their huge ‘legal fees’ and interest rates.

Deal with a genuine agent and they will cut the deal for you and as an independent (by which description I mean not the buyer or the seller) emotions wont come into it.

Find a good agent, and Fuengi is good, you should at least get a reasonable deal – ultimately, the property is worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it.