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Alan as someone who paid a few hundred pounds to take grandson to Lords on Sunday I couldn’t agree with you more about pakistani cricket 😈 However back on topic.

I saw my first (and last) bullfight when I was about 20 and at university in sevilla. I can still see the fear in a horses face when it was badly gored by the bull. It is all a barbaric display of sheer torture, dressed up in glamour suits and parades. Not only are there bullfights there is the hideous torture of bulls throughout Spain at local fiestas. I am suprised that Brussels doesn’t legislate against these barbaric practices given their capacity to interfere with every other aspect of our lives.

I don’t know what type of spaniard goes to these bullfights as I have yet to meet a spaniard I know who goes. Hopefully it will be banned one day but I can’t see it happening for decades.