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Poppyseed – I think what you described is called the Firework Fiesta.

This is taken from the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE) website:

A panic-stricken bull tosses his head in terror as jeering men turn him into a sickening live firework display.
Blood pours from his nostrils and the acrid smell of his burning horns fills the air. He rushes about bellowing in agony for 30 horror-filled minutes.

All he wants is a quick end to his ordeal but the onlookers, three-hundred residents of the tiny cliff top village of Medinaceli in Northern Spain, show no sympathy on this bitterly cold night. They just stand laughing at the Jubilation Bull. They add to the creature’s abject fear by letting off hundreds of deafening firecrackers.

Film of this cruel episode will be presented this week to the European Parliament in Strasbourg in a bid to get the “sport” outlawed at Medinaceli and 2000 other village fiestas across Spain.

The date this item was posted: 10th January 1999
So sadly and obviously the European Parliament did nothing. Discussing light bulbs and the shape of bananas far more important.