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Katy, it seems you were doing the same as me last night, having a browse of the papers online. I saw the same article and could hardly sleep I was so angry.

All those men on horseback with spears against one young bull. Sick cowards the lot of them.

“As the official killer of the bull, he had won the right to parade the animal’s coveted ears, tail and testicles around town on a ceremonial spear”.
I’d love to do that – though not with the bull’s testicles. The difficulty would be finding a spear small enough so they wouldn’t fall off.

As for EU money (ie European taxpayers’ money) supporting this – no comment.
Interesting that the farm mentioned is owned by the Gil family. Any connection with Jesús Gil I wonder?

Any of those who voted for ‘tradition’ want to change their minds, have any comments?