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Bulls are definitely not how the Spanish want to be depicted nor how they should be. It is an unfortunate tradition of times gone past that should remain as a memory in some kind of poetical or historical sense but definitely not continue to be practised in any shape or form. And its not just bullfighting, which in itself is already cruel enough but also “traditions” such as chasing the bull through God knows what town and throwing darts at it (for some insane reason).
I do think that we have started to see the beginning of the end with many fiestas “watering down” their fiestas (no flames on many (not all) bulls horns) and Cataluña’s referendum on bullfighting.
If Spain wants to be taken seriously on many levels, activities that relate to the treatment of animals has to be high on the agenda.
…and thats a Spaniards point of view and believe me that I am not an exception.