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to poppy and others
i’m not defending bull fighting nor am i against it really. i believe we should leave it to spain to deal with, and i find comments regarding the outrage we show bordering on disrespectful.
watching last night about the sex trade in england where humans are sold on block in the region of £30000 a time.
1 thai girl said she was treated worse than a dog would be treated. reasoning that the english treat there dogs with love and affection. (her words) my point is if you look around the world we as a nation do seem to care rather more about our animals than most others. so just maybe we should take a little step back and let them get on with it.
or maybe we should scream even louder seeing the french eat horse as i saw last week when i was there looking around the markets. maybe we are a bit squimish or maybe not. the same goes for many other countries that eat what we consider pets.