Re: Re: Shameless property sales guff & balderdash


Chris M

@angie wrote:

Have just received an email from trying to sell me ‘a truly great bargain in Elviria’ only 240k euros but reduced from –5,0000 k euros suggesting this is a million euros plus property, Oh yeah! Apparently this company was formed by someone called Gary Oliver ex —-. Here they come , the agents pushing outlandish property because the pound is worth 1.20 euros.
How did he get my email?
Chris, you probably know him re his website, did he take a load of client emails from you?
can anyone enlighten me please?

I have just seen this…

I am now in correspondence with Mr Oliver about this matter and will get back to you, unless you were registered with Planet VIVA an activity with which was developed during my time away from the company, then I can’t see why you would have been contacted, as most certainly Mr Oliver should not be in possession of any emails from me.

I have an alter ego or two that are registered on a number of websites, from which I also recieve balderdash and guff, and I am surprised at the number of times I then recieve mail from people with whom I have never registered who have obviously been passed my mail address.

It can be an incredibly serious matter of course to mess with the Data Protection Act, and everyone has very clear rights in that area, and I for one take the Act very seriously.

I would urge anyone who feels that their personal data may have been misused, sold or simply swapped around to report that fact. It isn’t funny, clever or innocent, it is plain wrong and potentially criminal.