Re: Re: Shameless property sales guff & balderdash



@mark wrote:

I often come across articles that make the most extraordinary claims about property in Spain, usually from the investment angle. And not just Spain; the same sort of claims are being made by people trying to sell property all over the world.

What we need is a thread dedicated to property balderdash. If you are the lucky recipient of such material by email, or read it online, link to it and/or copy the best quotes here. Let’s see who is saying what, and keep a record of it. And not just Spain; any fanciful claims about property, wherever it is. See who can find the most outrageous claims

To kick off, something picked up by Google alerts yesterday:

“Spain has been offering excellent property investments opportunities for over 3 decades with foreign investors, particularly the British, finding the Spanish property market immensely lucrative from the investment point of view. Spain is a popular second home destination among Europeans and if you are conversant in Spanish, there is really no better place to invest your hard-earned cash than Spain. You’ll experience some of the best facilities and high standards of living in Spain, which is animportant factor as far as second home buyers are concerned. An estimated half million Europeans have already bought a property in Spain over the past 5 years!”

Hi Mark,

the article starts with:

“Althought this year (2007) has seen a general slowdown in the overseas property market and especially within the Spanish property sector “

It might be that between 2002-2007 half million Europeans had bought a property in Spain.
But none since then. 😀